Join Sydney web content strategists, content designers, information architects, website managers, digital producers and UX designers to discuss crafting the best digital strategy for users. We have met over 65 times!

This is a fun and collaborative meetup run by Elle Geraghty Content Strategy 

Next meetup 

On Monday, 24 June 2024 we will be treated to a panel on the future of content work. 

We will time travel ten year in the future to 2034 to see what has changed and what has stayed the same :)

The best speculative fiction is a reflection and analysis of our current times mixed with predictions for the future.

How does the Sydney content strategy meetup work?

Around 40 people meet every two months to talk content strategy in a fun and friendly environment. 

Mostly we talk about how content strategy is not content marketing or copywriting :) 


The meetup is held at Atlassian - 341 George Street, Sydney. 

Please note that we will be in the old Atlassian building for the first three meetups of 2024.


Thanks so much to the team from Atlassian for sponsoring our venue and refreshments and Elle Geraghty Content Strategy for running the event.

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